TEM – The Holistic Solution for Your Event Management!

Keep an Overview
  1. Central Management of Your Event Data
    For example, participant and customer data, data on locations and venues, as well as hotel, speaker, catering, security and personnel data, etc.
  2. Easy, Intuitive Handling
    HTML5 Fiori User Interface.
  3. Comprehensive Menu Navigation
    Based on the SAP Fiori Design Guide.
  4. Gantt Chart
    Easily plan the milestones of your events.
  5. Event Calendar with Traffic Light Color Scheme
    See the capacity utilization of your events at a glance.
  6. Participant Activities & Participant History
    All information about your participants at a glance.
  7. Keep track of everything
    Have you invited all important customers for your event?
Save Costs
  1. Hotel & Contingent Management
    Get the lowest room rates.
  2. Online Registration & Check-In via QR Code
  3. Extensive Extensibility
    With the TEM, the extensive integration services of the SAP Cloud Platform are available to you.
Save Time
  1. Transparency and Overview of all Your Booking Data
  2. Automatisms & Innovative Functions
    Such as Automatic Room & Hotel Finding, Automatic Sending of invitation and cancellation e-mails, Reusability of templates, Export and Import of participant lists, etc.
  3. Participant Management
    Booking, Booking Changes, Cancellation.
Increase Your Sales – Optimize Your Events & Addressing of Participants
  1. Survey Suite
    Monitor the success of your events. Improve the quality of your events. Generate topics for follow-up actions.
  2. TEM Data in Marketing and Sales
    For example, participant segmentation, lead qualification, personalized approach, product recommendations, loyalty management, etc.
Be Agile and Mobile
  1. Full Flexibility
    Based on the SAP Cloud Platform, the TEM can be adapted just as flexibly to your needs as you know it from your other SAP applications.
  2. SAP Compatibility
  3. Reuse Your Existing Data in TEM and SAP
Optimize Your IT Security – Your Data: As Secure As Ever!
  1. Highest Security Standards
    Your data will be stored in the excellent SAP data centers (only for TEM-ePaaS option).