TEM – The Holistic Solution for Your Event Management!

Keep an Overview
  1. Central Management of Your Event Data
    Use, for example, participant and customer data, data on event locations as well as hotel, speaker, catering and personnel data, etc.
  2. Easy, Intuitive Handling
    You will find all available functions at a glance
  3. Comprehensive Menu Navigation
    You benefit from the most modern design guides
  4. Event Calendar with Traffic Light Color Scheme
    You can see the capacity utilization of your events at a glance
  5. Participant Activities & Participant History
    You receive information about your participants in real time
  6. Right target Group
    Have you really invited all the important clients to your event?
Save Costs
  1. Hotel & Allotment Management
    You will not miss any cancellation deadlines
  2. Online Registration & Contactless Check-in via QR Code
    You need fewer booking and admissions staff by digitalizing these processes
  3. Considerable Expandability
    A wide range of integration services from the SAP Business Technology Platform are available to you
Save Time
  1. Efficient Use of Resources of Own Event Staff
    You organize events with very few steps and thus gain time for event content and creativity
  2. Automatisms that Make Life Easier
    You benefit, for example, from the automatic booking of rooms, hotel rooms and resources, the automated sending of emails, the reusability of templates, etc.
  3. Participant Management
    You automate manual processes and manage bookings, changes and cancellations with ease
Increase Your Sales
  1. Attracting Participants
    You increase your number of participants through targeted email invitation campaigns and a professional event presence in the MyEventApp
  2. Follow-up Sales Activities
    You optimize your approach to participants through the participant history and thus improve the quality of your events
  3. TEM data for Marketing and Sales Activities
    You benefit from participant segmentation, lead qualification as well as loyalty management measures, etc.
Be Agile
  1. Full Flexibility
    You can adapt TEM to your needs just as flexibly as you know it from your other SAP applications
  2. SAP Compatibility
    You can integrate TEM with SAP C4C, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP ERP/S4, SAP Commerce, SAP Ruum, Litmos, etc.
Optimize Your IT Security
  1. Highest Security Standards
    You manage your data in SAP’s excellent data centers as well as those of other cloud providers in Germany